Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Xocxoc's Guide to Intellectually Stimulating Movies

Another link being added to Omega-3. About half of the really good movies I've seen recently are found on this list.

I totally agree, in particular, on the following:
There are, however, a couple of clinkers, from which I would steer you away (imho):
Comments, and your nominees for intellectually stimulating movies, are very welcome.

In the meantime, I will look for similar, more up-to-date, resources.

You might also want to see XocXoc's Math Mistakes Website, which is heralded by the Top 95% of the Web Award.


LordEgg said...

I actually liked Rushmore. And I am checking to see if I cna post here yet, goddammit.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked Rushmore.

kilgore forelle said...

Welcome, eggie. But I even liked the Aquatic Life with Steve Zissou better.

But I admit strong weaknesses for cate blanchett and angelica houston.

Anonymous said...

yeah. i liked that movie too. here lately i have been watching the HD Movie Channel. The had the Lion in Winter, followed by A Man for All Seasons. Now those are two classics. There is no better dialogue in any movie than the former, and no better political/morality discussion than the latter in my opinion. I also really enjoyed the Good Shepard, of late.

kilgore forelle said...

The Good Shepherd only gets a 56% at Rotten Tomatoes, but I'll watch it anyway, based on your reco, and my interest in the topic.

The Lion in Winter (O'Toole / Hepburn) has a 95%!

The Lion in Winter (Stewart / Close) is not rated!

A Man for All Seasons (Scofield) is 81%! I thought it would be much higher?

A Man for All Seasons (Heston) is not rated!

I didn't know that these two had been remade. Looks like the remakes were quite forgettable.

Speaking of brit historical costumers, Longitude is awesome.