Monday, March 12, 2007

Fred Dalton Thompson 2008


kilgore forelle said...

I'm satisfied that fdt's comments on libby are probably original (ie -- not rove talking points), but I take some issue with them. libby had the choice of his family or to fall on the sword for cheney. his family was not victimized by fitzgerald but by the zealotry of the veep's office, imho. A family forsaken by their own head of household is not grounds for a pardon.

Why didn't armitage fall on the sword? Probably because he said, "hell no!" (see Occam's Razor)

lynx rufous said...

How about that the veep couldn't manipulate powell's henchman, he could only manipulate libby?

flaw in the ointment said...

How about libby just did it because he thought it was the neo-con code of honor?