Tuesday, March 20, 2007

FYI -- Chuck Hagel for Prez 2008

The only way we can dodge the bullet on the usual suspects (ms bill, mccainiac, rudy, mittrom, unbiden, dennis the menace) is to get up to speed on some of the ones we are not being spoonfed.

Senate Site

E. J. Dionne, Why not Chuck Hagel?

Please, post links with your comments on Chuck Hagel.


Mime-Is-Money said...

Mime-Is-Money reporting in. I actually like this Hagel guy OK. Why does Nebraska have such solid Senators? I feel cheated here in MA.

kilgore forelle said...

Hey mime. Thanks for visiting.

You feel cheated?
But I guess you do have mitch and buns, by extension, also.

Yeah, when I was in the insurance game, ben nelson was one of the most highly respected state insurance commisioners around. I also used to travel NE, where I invariably found people to be salt of the earth.

Upper midwesterners, with the possible exception of most of the cast of Fargo, are not long deceived, and an altruistic bunch.