Thursday, March 8, 2007

Libby Blabby

Well, discussion can go on forever, when few are enlightened with the facts. Check in on the discussion thread at TCP PDF entitled Libby juror supports pardon

Hey, I was a major fan of the x-files (until mulder left), but I am seldom in doubt about the differences among fact, fiction, fantasy, proof, evidence, truth, and falsehoods.

Proof is found in repeatable demonstration. Evidence is when there may be a relationship that comports with occam's razor (see below). The item of evidence is often a fact. A fact is something that exists in 3 dimensions at the present point in time. A proof is when one or more facts are unalterably related to one or more facts.

My memory evidences to me that it was a fact that I made love to cate blanchett, but this is actually a fiction (any non-fact that stands in for a fact) that you suspect is a fantasy.


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