Thursday, March 1, 2007

Political views in a nutshell

My nutshell:
  • The Golden Rule
  • Live and let live
  • Liberty belongs to every human, but release from responsibility belongs to no one
  • Unlimited government is destructive
  • was against gay marriage until I learned it was not mandatory (thanks jon stewart)
  • individual agreements and contracts should be the essence of civil law
  • no police state, but appropriate law enforcement(1), well financed
  • no martial state, but military readiness(2), well financed
  • free markets will regulate a hell of a lot of human activity
  • limited legal negotiation should moderate the rest
  • end the monopoly of state controlled schools
  • end the monopoly of state controlled infrastructure
  • reduce toward elimination of all federal subsidies, including social programs
  • replace repesentative government with 1 citizen 1 vote for policy decisions, keep representative government for implementation
  • instant runoff, non-partisan elections
  • new elections on majority request of the electorate (all eligible voters)
  • repeal personal income tax, institute flat taxes for all others
  • freedom of religion
  • freedom from religion
  • . . . generally the complete set of libertarian principles, as they complement the above
(1) with civilian and court checks and balances
(2) for instance, we are not in a state of readiness now. We are pursuing a crusade, while the homeland is being sacked.

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