Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Good Person, #0011

Burt Munro, a man who is an example of a natural libertarian, essentially apolitical, doesn't debate the principles -- he just lives that way.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Movie Review

On the heels of No Country for Old Men comes There Will be Blood. Clearly the second best western since Unforgiven. And clearly Daniel Day-Lewis puts in an acting tour de force the equal of Newman in Hud, Gable in The Misfits, Wayne in True Grit, or Brando in One-Eyed Jacks.

Another Good Person, #0010

John McPhee

John Angus McPhee (born March 8, 1931) is a writer widely considered one of the pioneers of creative nonfiction. Like Tom Wolfe and Hunter Thompson, he helped kick-start the "new journalism" which, in the 1960s, revolutionized nonfiction by incorporating techniques from novels and other forms of fiction. McPhee avoided the attention-grabbing streams of consciousness of Wolfe and Thompson, but his detailed description of characters, insatiable appetite for details, and masterful style make his writing lively, readable, and personal, even when it focuses on obscure or difficult topics.

His book, The Control of Nature, is bedrock to my libertarian views. Free man in harmony with nature is the ideal. Tinkering man pitted against nature is the folly.