Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Suspicious Activity Tip Line Memo at Work

Suspicious Activity Tip Line

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security created an anonymous tip line to allow residents to report suspicious activity throughout the Commonwealth. The number is 1-800-EYE-ON-KENTUCKY.

[Stakeholders] are encouraged to report suspicious activity on or around the [site]. Strange actions could include, but is [sic] not limited to:

* People asking unusual questions about building security;
* People taking pictures or video of buildings, bridges or other locations;
* People asking detailed questions about the schedules of public transportation;
* People seen timing the arrival/departure of public transportation;
* People seen loitering around non-public areas around reservoirs, water treatment plants, dams or power plants;
* People watching a building for extended periods of time;
* Suspicious vehicles parked in unusual places or at unusual times.

WATCH OUT! for people asking questions about the schedules of public transportation!

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