Monday, March 19, 2007

More Confessions from KSM . . .

  1. Swiped britney spears' underpants
  2. Released rats in NYC kfc/taco bell
  3. Produced jessica simpson's xmas album (began war on xmas)
  4. Fired on fort sumter
  5. Sabotaged the texas rangers' bidness plan during dubya's ownership
  6. Invented the Internet, blamed it on al gore
  7. Invented polyester, double-knit leisure suits
  8. Popularized hoopneck tee shirts
  9. Flatulence
  10. Is former wardrobe master for janet jackson
  11. Tortured iraqis at abu ghraib
  12. Fathered keith olbermann
  13. Speech writer for ann coulter
  14. World's leading producer of post-roman-numeral-III movie sequels
  15. Is the alter ego of simon cowell
  16. Poise tutor for ron artest, terrell owens, and allen iverson
  17. Founder of swift boat vets for truth
  18. Refrigerator repair man for william jefferson
  19. Was the real rapist in kobe bryant's hotel room
  20. Won john belushi look-alike contest
  21. Handled balloon drop at 2004 dem convention
  22. Scheduled zell miller interview for chris matthews
  23. Gunbearer for dick cheney at TX quail shoot
  24. Designed the edsel
  25. Played 'big pussy' on the sopranos
  26. . . .

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