Friday, December 21, 2007

The World in Peril?

henry clay vii: This election is one of the most important elections in US history and the reason it is so important is because of the number of tremendous threats that exist around the world today. We must elect a president that takes the WOT seriously and when a candidate comes out with an isolationist foreign policy, all it says to me is that this person is either lazy or stupid. I dont want either one. Plus, with China and Russia potentially becoming more and more of a threat, that just adds to the significance of this election.

kilgore forelle: I appreciate your view, hcvii, but the world has always been in crisis -- eg, 2000 years ago we conspired to kill Jesus Christ!

You must not place so much reliance on your young eyes and your partisan precepts. I was unfortunately at the lexington cemetery yesterday, and on visiting the office, I gazed upon the beautiful painting which focused on your 5g patriarch and his colleague, abe lincoln -- I doubt that either would agree that your times are more perilous, but both would grieve about how little we have learned from the intervening years.

We have always had crisis because the political process does not produce the leadership that we all crave. It is a fine measure, however, of influence without a rudder of right and wrong.

It is the sheerest accident when we get a good president. And good presidents always rise above the quotidian spats of the party system.

The estimable henry clay -- a leader if ever there was one -- said it best when he said he would rather be right than president.

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