Monday, December 3, 2007

Another Good Person, #0001

David Gilmour

Can you imagine Pink Floyd without him?

Rated 82nd in Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitars list.

Obviously, they're all a gang of idiots. But, you and let live -- David Gilmour


Anonymous said...

He is easily on the top ten. #82 my ass! He is by far the most enjoyable to listen to. Others may be faster but who cares? It's not that great to listen to. Other guys like Clapton and Page are a little overrated. Especially Hendrix, his legend is mainly because he's dead (the #1 cause of overratedness).

kilgore forelle said...

I agree with you on Gilmour . . . #82 my aching ass! But I must differ on Clapton and Hendrix.

Marie said...

You Say: Can you imagine Pink Floyd without David Gilmour? My answer is yes. At first Gilmour wasn't part of the band, he arrived in 68 but when you think that he is there since then, he spent actually more time that Syd Barrett which was the real group maker. So my question is Can you imagine Pink Floyd without Syd? When you think that Shine on you crazy diamond was made for him, I really beleive he was the motor of all inspirations. And Gilmour is a good ballad maker, but it is too much pop music for me.

kilgore forelle said...

Just because there was a pink floyd pre-gilmour does not invalidate my rhetorical question. Maybe I should put it another way. Can I imagine Pink in its holistic sense with another lead guitar? No. Would Pink be in my Top Four without Gilmour? No.

btw Top Four: Pink, Queen, Who, Steely.

Adam said...

Honestly man, pop? Really? Animals? Is that pop? Not at all. If you look at Pink Floyd's less known albums, Meddle being one of them (amazing album) than it is CLEAR that Pink Floyd is not and was not pop music. I think it was more pop music when Syd was part of the band (granted Meddle had Syd's writing and ideas), it was more english 60's pop groovy kind of music back then, in the 60's, when he was part of the band.

On topic Gilmour deserves way better than 82nd. I mean look at what he's done with his guitar (after tele was stolen), it's a frankenstein strat built from random parts he found elsewhere he loved. Not only the tone but the effects he brought out with his guitar and amp setup. What he does with his guitar has not been duplicated, the melody, harmony, and musicality of his solo's, it's just not something you hear these days.