Thursday, April 26, 2007

an imperial agenda

If you join the United States military now, you are not defending the United States of America; you are helping certain policy-makers pursue an imperial agenda. -- Karen Kwiatkowski

I am reading her stuff every day, from now on.


AmericanGirl said...

an imperial agenda, MY ASS!

You better wake up before it's too late Girl
And stop drinking the Harry Reid Kool Aide!

kilgore forelle said...

Well, I don't have much hope for an end to the imperial agenda when harry reid is ascendent. Even though the imperial occupation of iraq has been atrocious (massive tinkering and social engineering), I think the dems would hang in there, and redouble the tinkering. We are not leaving iraq as long as congress is owned by the royal $pon$or$ of the court.

Karen Kwiatkowski is a libertarian, not a democrat -- ie no threat to the antireid crowd. But thanks for your input.