Saturday, July 1, 2017

Save Us from the Voters

Nobody asked but ...

Even worse than the if-you-don't-vote crowd are the it's-your-duty bunch.  And then you have the voting-should-be-compulsory mavens (and what a fine premise for the land of the free [irony alert]!)  Acknowledging that any state or local vote is irrelevent to countrywide representation, here is what you get:
-- 1 vote every 4 years for POTUS,
-- 1 vote every 2 years for HOROTUS, and
-- 2 votes every 6 years for SOTUS.
That's it!  As POTUS may say, "that's a bad deal for us."  People say that voters are ignorant.  The above calculus confirms that, but what kind of education would fix this stupidity?

-- Kilgore Forelle

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