Monday, April 7, 2008

Movie Review

Easily the best movie I have seen in the past 12 months. Clearly the top Western since The Unforgiven. Hands down the equal of the very best Coen Brothers' movies (as in "Fargo").

Josh Brolin -- I haven't noticed him before, but too good to forget again.
Cormac McCarthy -- No more fooling around -- I will be reading now.
Kelly MacDonald -- A favorite, and what an acting gem without much screen time.
Tommy Lee Jones -- Finally another Woodrow Call performance.
Javier Bardem -- Hannibal Lecter meets the Coen Brothers.
Woody Harrelson -- Famous wiseass gets his pronto.
Steven Root -- Great cameo.
Barry Corbin -- Greater cameo.
The filling station coin flip -- what a scene!
"Look, I need to know what I stand to win." -- What a line.
The best dialog -- almost every spoken word, but, "If it ain't, it'll do till the mess gets here."
Evocative of -- Lonely Are the Brave.

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