Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Orchestration Central

I have found a way to pick up real fast on what the neocon-giulianis will try next. Listen to michael savage at night, then to francene the next day, on WHAS radio, our louisville nexus to talk wrong radio. They come across entirely differently, but that's strictly bad cop, good cop.

Last night, ms was frothing over obama's church, then today francene (the local talk wrong distaff talking head) seems to be giving the issue a fair hearing before coming down in the same place as savage.

Who does this help? Ironically, shrillary. Comparing obama to mitt over and over reduces cred for both of them. Rudy is already dead but his campaign provides a nice place for neo-cons to pick up a few paychecks, until the endgame when they will drift unobtrusively into the hrc camp.

I fear that our favorite stealth authoritarians are doing an end run to land in a soft spot in the chillary administration.

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