Saturday, August 18, 2007

Iraq: A Done Deal Pre-9/11?

I have seen opinion* to the effect that neocons believe the country (unfortunately, the USA) is at its best while at war.

So which war we're in is irrelevant to them except for whether it is a robust war (takes a licking but keeps on ticking). Afghanistan had a paucity of targets, and anyway chalabi already had gained their assurances on iraq.

Worse, whether or not we win a war is irrelevant to them, because we cannot be in a state of war if we ever define winning.

Therefore, a war against terror centered in a non-country without a functional government is heaven on earth for neocons (a euphemism for war profiteers).

*I will attempt to document (help, anyone?)
  • “Americans are a warlike people and that we love war . . . What we hate is not casualties but losing.” -- Michael Ledeen (link)

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