Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Enhanced Political 2D

Here's how I scored on this quiz:

See my assessment write-up.

I disagree somewhat with the "radical" adjective, but will not lose much sleep over it. Even though I happen to be near the north woods today, I am not looking for a compound.

I felt that most of the positions were overstated at the libertarian end, leaving too much uncovered space to the next choice. For example, one question echoed reality; the quizzers have no solution for social security either.

The drug question leaves the same distrust that most critics invoke for libertarians by distorting the position. I do not favor legalization of drugs; I favor instead the removal of laws that we do not intend to enforce, and further I favor a drastic reduction of the fda along with the elimination of a federal role in pharmaceutical protectionism and medical research (excepting perhaps epidemiology).

Also there is a wide gap between the right to bear arms and the sanctioning of military arms. I voted for the complete removal of gun control, but I believe that there will be no legal control of arms the day our government turns against us. And if a foreign sovereign attacks, I cannot envision the US government enforcing any gun laws.

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