Thursday, February 22, 2007

Will Embarassing the President Make Us Safer?

Will Embarassing the President Make Us Safer? by Ed Koch

kilgore forelle:
Oh yeah! I think we should have two non-binding resolutions:
  • from now on bush is fully-in-charge of embarrassing himself, and
  • ed koch can run for congress anytime he can find someone who wants him.
One of the reasons rudy looked so good as mayor is because he followed koch and dinkins.

Is leaving Iraq now a good thing?

"Goodness has got nothing to do with it." -- Mae West.

Is removing your teat from a wringer a good thing? Not relevent. Is removing your teat from a wringer next on your agenda? Very relevent.

Democrats and some Republicans in Congress are seeking to humble, embarrass and, if they can, destroy the President and the prestige of his position as the Commander-in-Chief who is responsible for the safety of our military forces and the nation's defenses. -- Ed "who asked you?" Koch

And that is exactly what had to be done to lbj and rmn, to make them stop writing their memoirs long enough to find out that they had only punchy palookas left on their side.

hirohito had to be destoyed to get him to stop, hitler, saddam, the roman empire, the ottoman empire, the hapsburgs, napolean, clinton, . . .

It's omelette making time.

And those of you who are OK with the war but not OK with domestic spying, the whole domestic spying thing is growing right out of the nose of the iraq war. Where else, do you think?

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